There is a mystery in your eyes,
something between the words,
a hunch in the heart…
There is that song
coming from that temple,
that prayer coming from that other river.

But you made me stagger,
from my self-esteem,
from the bees coming to my dreams,
from the silence of that morning
or the sounds of that night
you made me stagger.

And I can be immersed in a deep darkness now,
with no glimpse of light,
far from joy,
wandering with those dogs
for such a long time that
I can’t remember when all of this started
and I cannot imagine when it will end.
But it made my heart faint.

Reading some pretty words
I want to be with you,
on a sunlight Sunday.
Meet the only energy source
creator of every meaningless dust particle
or just die on a regular day.

Now that we are far from the forest,
I can confess;
I am scared.



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